Thomas Dobson: I am currently a Junior English major at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, and plan to graduate in Fall 2013. My passions include art, reading, and of course, our city, Buffalo, New York. With that, they extend to our local sports scene, from the Sabres, to the Bisons, to the Bandits, and, for as much as I really care about football, the Bills. My dream is to see our city rise once again to prominence, and to bring a National League baseball team to Buffalo, after being snubbed in the 1990s. Follow me on twitter at @applepie716

Shelby Griswold: I am currently a Senior at the University at Buffalo, going for a degree in Communication. I’m passionate about hockey, reading, writing, and music. I’m an avid sports fan; paying attention to the Sabres, Bisons, Bandits, (and occasionally the Bills, too). My dream is to work for a professional hockey team someday. Follow me at @capsicleamerica or @Shelby716P.

Angela Kepps:

Michael Hannel: I am a 27 years old and currently resides in the awesomeness that is Buffalo, NY. When not indulging in Buffalo’s sports scene (as he most often does) and watching his beloved St. Louis Cardinals, Michael sings for a local hardcore band, Corpsebomb. A Buffalo Bills fan since inception, Michael’s lone dream is to be able to attend a post-Super Bowl parade for a Super Bowl WINNING Bills team, as he was in attendance for the rally in Niagara Square after Super Bowl XXV’s loss. Find him on the twitters! @Ein_Bearhoff


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