Montreal @ Buffalo Postgame

Hockey season is back and time to revive this blog back from the dead. I’m looking forward to getting some much needed writing therapy. On a personal note, now that I’m working from home, I’m finding more time to do other things I love and I want this to be one of them. I’m going to take the time to clean up the blog as well and change the layout, but those are minor things compared to trying and keeping up with writing.

The Sabres need to be revived from the dead as well after that game.

I decided that this season, I’m going to ask three questions at the start of the game that I can answer by the end of it. My three questions for the home opener were as follows:

  1. How will Lehner perform after high expectations from fans?
  2. Will team collapse minus Eichel?
  3. Can Montreal shake off the issues without Price in net?

To answer the first question, I didn’t think Lehner played poorly tonight. A lot of the issues arising with the Sabres pretty much came with the defense being terrible. That moves onto my second question about whether or not the Sabres would collapse without Eichel – I think if Eichel played tonight, that might have made a one goal difference but they wouldn’t have won. This team losing is more of an issue than Eichel being out for a significant amount of time. Here’s to hoping that Kulikov can recover soon and be out there to replace somebody.

Montreal played extremely well in front of Montoya. A lot of people (including myself) believed that with Price being out that they weren’t going to be able to play to the level that they usually play at in front of Price. I was wrong. Not only that, but the Sabres barely had any shots on goal in the first period. I also think Montoya played pretty well and he’s not a bad consideration for a backup for any team. Obviously that showed tonight. If Price is out any longer (let’s see if the flu can settle down after four or five days for their next game) the Habs won’t be in too much trouble.

Other notes I took during this game

  • E. Kane fell into the boards HARD during the second period and it looked like he destroyed the same shoulder he had surgery on the year the Sabres traded for him. It was reported by Sportsnet that he was taken to the hospital “for further evaluation and precautionary measures”. I think he’s going to be done for awhile because of that being the bad shoulder. However, I do think this may be a sign from a higher power that this is karma against E. Kane…but what do I know?
  • Tim Murray signed a multi-year extension with the Sabres as their general manager. It’s been a few years since he’s been the GM and I still don’t know how I feel about him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s pulled off some pretty good moves but I’m not sure how I feel about Tim Murray the person…after the Kane injury, he’s probably thinking ‘oh crap, what have I done?’

In non-Sabres news, Vanek had two goals for the Red Wings tonight. Glad to see he’s starting off on the right foot with them. (Yes this is a Thomas Vanek appreciation area and will continue to be throughout the season.)

Sabres don’t play again until Sunday evening which is fine, because I’ll be in Buffalo anyways. Maybe what they need right now is a trip.


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