Rating La Bella Sicilia Restaurant & Pizzeria

Local Restaurant Week in Buffalo was a few short weeks ago, but I can’t get the thought of stuffed shells out of my mind from this place…

La Bella Sicilia Restaurant & Pizzeria is located on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga. Jonathan and I attended the restaurant for our anniversary dinner, and we decided to try something new considering it was Local Restaurant Week. Their main delicacy is within the Italian food family and might I say that there was plenty of mighty great food to be had here, and they had plenty of specials for the $20.13 deal of the week.

The location, while small and kind of in an awkward place on the street (I actually drove right past it the first time that we were heading out to eat there), you feel a sense of home as soon as you walk in the door. The waitresses that greeted us gave a smile and quickly sat us in our seats. Many people were already seated in the restaurant so I could see that it was a favorite of many.

We had fresh bread and butter brought to our table before we received our meals and it was delicious. I’m such a sucker for free bread that comes with meals (and it’s probably why I can never finish my food at Chef’s), and we ate this in no time. We even asked to get more. Jonathan and I both got the stuffed shells special of the night that came with salad, a choice of a fountain drink, and then the main entrée, which came from a selection of about five to ten items. It made me happy that there were a variety of options that we could choose from.

Our server was extremely prompt with making sure that we were happy as could be with our food. The friendly atmosphere and the delectable food made this a destination that we will more than likely be heading back to in the fall in case we’re in the mood for Italian again that’s close by.

I give La Bella Sicilia Restaurant & Pizzeria a 9/10, only because (and this is not at fault of the restaurant whatsoever) it’s just an awkward location to get to. Maybe if the sign were more visible then they would have even more customers. It’s definitely a secret treasure in the town of Cheektowaga.



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