2013 Buffalo Bills Schedule, Otherwise Known as Good Job NFL, Not

I may just be blowing smoke, considering how much I really follow football(aka not as much as I should), but the Bills schedule was released today. And frankly, some things I just dont get. More after the jump


v New England-I know how much the NFL loves scheduling rivals in the first and last weeks, so this isnt a surprise, at all. All optimism will be gone easily, because, well, yeah. pats. about that. Good news, Stevie Johnson wont have to deal with New England fans.

v Carolina(NFC)- Yay almost meaningless football. If wins are easier to get early, like in most other sports, then this would be a nice place to get a win. They were 7-9 last year, one win better than the Bills, so, it is doable.

at New Jersey(Jets)- All I am going to say here. Screw the Jets, and hope for the best. The best meaning that the Bills escape New Jersey without getting STDs.

v Baltimore(AFC North)

I plan on going to this game. For the other team. Not much else I can say, super bowl champions, and missing my personal favourite, Ed Reed. Sad day, but, his time has come, and good luck in Houston.


at Cleveland- I feel like we play them every year. Like, seriously. And yes, we have. Since 2007, the Bills have played the Browns every years except ONCE(otherwise known as 6/7 years). It is nice, because it is a nice game, and a close one for a roadie, but, it gets irritating. Also, a national Thurday night game? I am not to sure on predicting most games, but, we can make this one a loss already.

v Bengals- Let us continue playing AFC North opponents, why not. Three weeks in a row against them, almost feels like we should join the AFC North, why not(post coming on that idea later)

at Miami- Finally a division game, the first since, well, the Jets on the 22 SEPT. Take a nice lovely break into Miami, and make this road month into something special. One game that i Wish I could be at. Not for the game per say, but, screw the Fins, and well, Miami would be nice in October.

at New Orleans

-Again, sign me up for this one. Nice Southern road trip is perfect for the chilly October weather. Not to mention, halfway point in the season, and no bye yet.


v Kansas City-Welp, one of these typical games again. Hopefully we can pull otu a win, but, not expecting anything from them this year. REBUILDS FOR EVERYONE!!!!

at Pittsburgh-Chalk this one up as a loss already. at Heinz Field, not even a chance. Also, this would be easier to win the the pats game, which isnt saying much.

v New Jersey- Repeat what I said before, but, with less STDs this time. Also, blech Tim Teblow.

BYE WEEK: The one week that, while I would normally say the Bills can not and will not lose, well, they will SOMEHOW find a way to do so. #becauseitsbuffalo


v but not really, but also not really at, but, let us call it Rogers Centre Atlanta

I might be going to this one, depending on ticket prices, because it is easier, and cheaper for me to go to Rogers Centre(SKYDOME BITCHES!), than the Ralph. Also, Props on making it a non divisional team for once, but, jeers for making it a DOME team, who would play better in a DOME than outside. Still not as bad as the Fins game at Rogers Centre.

at Tampa Bay- I really wish this was a home game. Okay, kinda a lie, because I want to take a vacation for a Bills game, for the warm weather, but, besides the point. I want to see more warm weather teams at the Ralph in December, because cold and snow makes the other teams weird and not as good.

at Jacksonville- See above, except, dont think I would like going to Jacksonville, but, that’s just me.

v Miami. Hey, maybe the Fins can catch the same flight as the Bills coming back from Florida(I know, far away, but, haha).

at New England- Well, Stevie Johnson might not make it out of this one alive, consdering he said Foxboro should be bombed first if North Korea attacks. Lots of dropped passes, lots of jeers.

Welp, Bills season, there we go.







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