Postgame: Sabres @ Flyers 3-10-13

Well that sucked.

I would be more angry about the Sabres losing this game generally if I weren’t more upset at the fact that Wayne Simmonds got away with hitting Tyler Ennis from behind. The NBC announcers kept saying that Ennis turned away to ‘defend the puck’, thus put himself in a vulnerable position. Regardless of that fact ENNIS WAS INJURED ON THE PLAY AND IT WAS STILL A HIT FROM BEHIND! If only a penalty had come from it then so be it, but there was nothing. NOTHING. No penalty whatsoever.

I believe this hit looked exactly like the hit against Richards did that Kaleta had last week. It’s a farce. If the NHL isn’t consistent with these types of hits then nothing extreme will be done until someone dies on the ice. It’s awful but it’s true. The league needs to do something about this. Moore, Bergeron, and Savard hits are scary to watch. This needs to end now.

I said on Twitter tonight that he needs a crowbar up his ass so Die Perkse helped me out with that one.

I hate you and I hate your ass face.

I hate you and I hate your ass face.


Brian Flynn – such a great call-up. He’s playing well for the Sabres as a part of the Amerks line and he got another goal tonight. Playing with a ton of passion that this team is lacking right now.

Jochen Hecht – Short handed goal to make it 3-2. I didn’t see it but I’m sure he used his backhand somehow. I’m glad our penalty kill is doing better than our power play?

Mike Weber – for being the only person willing to beat the shit out of Simmonds after Ennis went down. Ott, why did you skate away?

To the turds of the night:

Ryan Miller – tonight was not a strong outing for him. The Gagne goal was abysmal with the five hole and there just wasn’t good net coverage tonight.

Zac Rinaldo  – you’re a fucking shithead, plain and simple.

The NBC Announcers – can you PLEASE say names correctly? There’s a pronunciation sheet in front of you. No excuses guys.

The Sabres are back at it at home against the New York Rangers this Tuesday at 7. At least there won’t be any annoying downstaters in the Student Surge section because they all went home for Spring Break…


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