10 March 2013: Sabres @ Flyers Preview

Let us all remember, the 10th of March, as the day the Sabres might win.

Welcome back, Ryan Miller, I hope you enjoyed your “day off”, you wont be getting one of those for a while. And, it appears that you might win this game, woooohoooo Flyers suck.

The Filthy Flyers:

21 points (5th in Atlantic, 11th Overall)

Leading Scorers, Voramissacek 29 , Giroux 24, Simmonds(since when did he do something?) 19. Even better, all of these “scorers” all have a – rating, with the best being Simmonds at a -3.

Leading goaltending: Wait, the Flyers have this? Didnt think so, never mind, moving on(Bryzlolololololov shold be starting, but, that only helps the Sabres)

Well, I suppose all is fair, the Flyers have crappy goaltending, we play our favourite piece of shit, John Scott. Look for Scott to play a grand total of two minutes tonight, and then, for a change of scenery, get involved in a useless fight, and sit in the penalty box, instead of the bench, for a nice five minute vacation.

Our resident asshole, Patrick Kaletasshole, is still suspended, so we dont have to worry about him doing something stupid, like causing a 5-3 and a five minute major, and costing us the game.

Projected three stars of the game for the Sabres:

Thomas Vanek


Brian Flynn

Theee stars for the flyers:


John Scott

Luke Schenn(on basis of, well, no one else helping this team)

Score Prediction:

Sabres 4 (1-2-1) Vanek(2, 2), Flynn (1,0), Stafford (1,0) Pominville (0,1) Hodgson (0,1)

Flyers 1 (0-1-0) B. Schenn (1,0)

The game will air on TSN2/NBCSN at 19h30 tonight, and we will all want to pierce our eardrums listening to NBCSN. THe most effective cure for this is watching the Sabres power play, which will make you forget all about the announcing, and instead wish you were watching sloth porn.



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