Sabres Tie Devils 2-2

Yes yes, I know, Sabres lost in a shootout (2-0), but lets be honest, they dont really matter, and the game really ends in a tie with a nice frilly skills competition to make a nice fake winner, which is how the Devils “won”

First off, congratulations to Brian Flynn on his first goal in the National Hockey League, which put the Sabres up 2-0, and also marked the last time that the Sabres would put a puck behind Hedberg.


Lekker parts of the game:

What more can I say, Jhonas Enroth did everything that was asked of him, putting up a solid peformance through the entire game. If Enroth did not hurt himself on the sequence that lead to the game tying goal, he makes the save, and the Sabres win, and he is hailed as a hero, which he still is.

Thomas Vanek’s goal was amazing, and just a beauty to watch. It wasnt his normal tip in goal by parking himself in front of the goal, it was rather a beauty of a one timer to put the Sabres in the lead.

Ryan Miller: Good job coming in the relive Enroth after being hurt, good job in being ready to play on a day off.

Have I mentioned Enroth, haha

Not so lekker

T.J. Brennan: Honestly, he’s one of my favourite, but, wow. Just, no thank you tonight. He needs to get back to his Amerks form, which was amazing and was one of the best Amerks during the lockout.


Honestly, Sabres, you played a good game and good enough for a tie, but, the Enroth injury cost us the win.


716 imPress: Jhonas Enroth for a game well played

716 dePress: I give it to the injury bug

Song for the game: Fade to Black, Metallica

Back in action on Sunday, and the pregame will be here as well for Philadelphia.



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