NHL Realignment, 2013 Style

Okay folks, this is one of many posts that will be made about realignment today.

As you folks know, the NHLPA approved realignment today, with a review after the 2014/2015 season. On the Sabres side, it means that the Division is as follows:








Tampa Bay


Yes, I know, the Florida teams make no sense, blah blah blah, and that this sucks. what do we have in common with them. I also know that wah wah, it’s harder for us to make the playoffs now because boo hoo, 8 teams in the division as compared to seven, and 16 in the East and 14 in the West. Do me and the rest of the world a favour, and shut up.

That being said, this is good for the Sabres. The snowbirds will be able to watch the Sabres more often, and we get more home games in Tampa and Sunrise than we do now, and Detroit now becomes a nice place for a road trip, with a divisional game only four hours and nine minutes away, arena to aren (going through Ontario, of course).

Also, hatred.The Red Wings are a GOOD team, and the competition for playoff spots will be good, with FOUR Original Six teams in our division, and their hatred is already alive and well. We are in the best division, the most historic division, in the entire league, and I embrace the addition of Detroit. Florida teams, I could pass, but really, no better place to put them.

Also, if the divisions were in place this year, it would be as follows




Ottawa (Last playoff team)





And even better, with the cross over system, the Red Wings would make the playoffs, on the basis they have a better point total(26) than the fourth place team in the other division( Philadelphia, 23).

Should be a good show, even though the uneven conferences are unfair.

Looks like it needs approval from the Board of Governors, so, might not happen still

Anyways, game tonight, against the New Jersey Devils. Game is on MSG-B, WGR550, and unsolicited comments from my Twitter account, @DiePerske.


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