It Is Finished

It is finished

INTERNET | The record that is your Buffalo Bills.

INTERNET | The record that is your Buffalo Bills.

Well, here we go, the ending of an era. Well, I don’t know much about calling it an era, but the point is, as we all know, Chan Gailey was fired today, along with the rest of the coaching staff. In related news, six other head coaches were fired today, along with the GM of the Jets, but that isn’t the point of this.


Then again, the above was telling you what you already, in fact, do know. I shall continue with the same in the following.

Bills are going to hire a new coach, who will continue to make this Buffalo Bills franchise a joke. Then again, why not Die Perske, let us be positive for a moment. Perhaps the Bills will hire a good coach, in the mold of Dick Jauron, who will lead the bills out of the cellar, and into the perpetual 7-9, just like our good Buddy Dick.

Speaking of Buddy (Nix), you know what, let’s not. The hashtag #CanChan worked so well, let us start another one, and #NixNix.

And to continue with the path of things you already know,our good old senile friend Ralph Wilson will continue to hire people stupider than what he is, just to keep his sense of superiority going, at the cost of the good of the team.

The Bills will select 8th in this years draft, and will most assuredly screw up the pick, and pass on Peyton Manning and select Ryan leaf, and them the cycle of misery shall continue.

And, just like Chan’s coaching career here in Buffalo, I am finished. I am finished telling you what you already know.

It is finished.


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