A Record Night


The second game of the year taking place at the First Niagara Center for the Rochester Americans seemed different than the first. The Amerks were playing well in the middle of October; being near the top of their division with the stellar play of David Leggio and finding out ways to score without Corey Tropp in the lineup. Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster for the farm team of the Sabres – falling to 10th in the Western Conference and 4th in the North Division – right behind the Lake Erie Monsters.

The great part about this game was that the Amerks had a chance to take the Monsters by the tail and be able to become tied with them in the standings. They did just that with a proven 4-1 victory over the Monsters. I ended up going to the game with my oldest brother, even though the flu had overtaken my immune system the previous two days. While I was not able to cheer much during the game at all do to all of my hacking (I covered my mouth, no worries) I was still able to enjoy myself. There were several key things that I take away from this night, both hockey and not hockey related.

  • Brayden McNabb should be scratched for a game or two. He took three penalties on Friday night; his last resulting in the Monsters only goal of the night. For the past few games he hasn’t looked all right and he just appears to be mentally exhausted. If I were Professor Rolston (YES I SAID PROFESSOR) then I would sit him out, give another defensemen a chance (Crawford, MacKenzie, Schiestel….Schiestel….Bueller….) and then bring him back after a game or two. If it worked for Tyler Myers in his sophomore year…
  • First Niagara Center, you changed your chicken fingers again. I don’t think an arena has changed a food item so much like you do. Let’s talk about this. Stick with what’s good. Maybe it was because I couldn’t taste them that night. Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten anything remotely greasy in a few days and I felt sick. My brother said they tasted different too so not just me. Maybe an NHL season can fix this issue…
  • Hey asshole, who told you it’s respectful to stand up and leave while game is in play? Sit back down before I yell at you next time.
  • I’m glad this wasn’t a crazy affair like Wednesday night was against the Monsters. Leggio managed to keep his Save Percentage high in this game as compared to others. Fans in Buffalo couldn’t really see his weak spots unless you see them when you watch Amerks games in person or online. Buffalo goaltenders must all like to do the same over the shoulder thing because players beat them high glove side all the time.

While I’m holding out for another game here in Buffalo for the New Year, I’m not expecting it just yet. A possible solution may be on the horizon for the NHL Lockout, plus Amerks fans in Rochester have not been happy about these games being in Buffalo. It just depends on how things go and we shall see.



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