Jets 48, Bills 28- or, “How To NOT Start A Season Correctly”

Being a Bills fan, you have to put up with a lot of crap. Ownership who gives just enough of a damn to make a profit, big name free agents taking a pass on coming to play for our team, and a giant disasterpiece at the end of each of the last twelve playoff-less seasons in which four times out of five nothing gets fixed or the wrong people get axed. I’ve seen a lot of poor performances by this team in that time.

This, by far, was one of the worst.

I just want you to understand a few things.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick, injury excuses or no, is flat out not a good Quarterback. At this point, I don’t think we will ever get a good QB. The only time we found one who could come even close to winning a playoff game, we cut him in favor of Super Rob Johnson. Conveniently enough, this was also the last time we made the playoffs. FitzTragic (I’m going to trademark that, by the way) didn’t even cross the 150 passing yard plateau until the game was pretty much over. 18 for 32 for 195 yards, and three picks isn’t going to cut it. True, he had three TD’s, but again- the game was already a lock for the Jets, who were up 34 points.

2. Turnovers = STILL BAD. I don’t know if Ryan Fitzpatrick thought we were home this week, because it sure as hell looked to me like he wanted to get the ball to the team in white more than the team in blue. There were two passes that went in and out of the Jets defenders, while three passes.. went completely into the hands of Jet defenders. One of those picks was a whopping four plays after Bryan Scott’s pick of Mark Sanchez set us up with great field position just inside Jets territory a few minutes into the game, and it also led to a touchdown. In fact, the Jets scored 24 points off of those turnovers. I’m not going to say that changed the game, but when you giftwrap possessions for the opposing teams, that to me is a big problem.

3. There had to have been some bounty program set up by Rex Ryan in which they were going after our players’ knees. Fred Jackson, who the Bills organization was counting on to have a big year, went down in the second quarter with what some are calling an LCL sprain. For a team whose run game was less than memorable after Jackson went down last year, I’m sure some of you out there are already super pumped about this. (Lucky for him, C.J. Spiller also had a career day. 169 rushing yards and a TD is  awesome.) David Nelson also went down with what some are calling an ACL injury. If that’s the case- and Chan Gailey is sure making it sound like it is- he’s going to be out quite some time. We can’t even get through Week 1 without big injuries! NICE ONE GUYS!

I feel like I should also mention this- this is the most points New York has ever put up in Week 1 ever. This is the second most points Buffalo has given up in an opener- by a whole point (the record is 49, set on September 19, 1971 against Dallas- the Bills would lose their first ten and finish 1-13). Hopefully against the Chiefs next week, the Bills can pick it up. It can’t get any worse.

..wait, the D-Line could get injured. Maybe I shouldn’t say that.


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