As the Sun Sets On Summer, A New School Year Is Ushered In

As students and teacher alike celebrate( or mourn) the end of summer, and the beginning of a new school year, it is a good time to think back, and reflect on what has happened this summer, and what shall be in the future this fall.

In this summer, at Thursday’s At The Harbor, the band Salt and Pepa drew over 15,000 people in, one of the largest crowds in memory, to the point where police had to turn away people, for safety considerations.

We hosted the AAA All Star Game and Home Run Derby, and both events were very successful. It was amazing to see Coca Cola Field packed with people, both at the Derby and at the game itself. If we could only replicate those crowds for normal regular season games, we could make a very strong case for potentially getting a team in the majors (The Padres have been sold, for the record, so those aspirations of mine are now no longer possible.) Hometown Bison Valentino Pascucci won the Derby in style, and the crowd errupted with all of his home runs, despite his early struggles.

The Sabres drafted Mikhail Grigorenko and Zegmus Girgensons in the first round, with the 12th and 14th picks respectfully, and adressed a glaring need at centre, if not for this year, then a couple years afterwards. The Sabres also thankfully managed to trade Derek Roy for Steve Ott, which the Sabres easily won that trade by subtraction alone, not to mention the upsides of Ott.

However on that note, the Sabres seem to be on their way to not losing a single game in the 2012-2013 season, by virtue of there not being a season to play due to an inevitable lockout. While I hope that this will be resolved, it looks like the Bandits will be the main sports draw at the First Niagara Center this Winter.

The Bills have been, well, the Bills, dropping their first two preseason games. Granted, they do not mean much, but losing seems to be par for the course for our beloved Bills.

The Bisons had a nice start, but have quickly faded to a 62-68 record, good for dead last in the IL  North. Hopefully, however, this will spell the end of the Mets, as seems to be the popular consensus.

Hopefully, we shall continue into this school year and fall with good spirits, and be ready to watch some Sabres hockey this fall.


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