One Problem at a Time


Okay, folks. I realize that everyone has their own ideas for how to make Buffalo better, and oh boy, do we need to get our acts together. Some people just get an idea, form a study, and think “Hey look, my idea is going to be best for us, so let’s do it.” This is all fine and dandy, but we have way too many conflicting ideas on how to move forward, from some calling for an IKEA to be built in Buffalo (possibly on the Aud site). Others call for some more local shops, and yet others for national chains to move in, whatever it takes to help.

While these sentiments are admirable, what we need is a UNIFIED front, one that looks at the entire city and what we need, and will put together a plan to help the entire city, and have ONE vision, and not the many that we have now. Diversity is a good thing and our overall plan should include a nice mixture of shops, stores and etc., but we have too many visions, and all of these visions are counterproductive, as compared to one single vision, made up al the fabric of all their ideas.

Buffalo, we can do this, and each and every single one of us has our role to play, but we need to be batting for the same team, and not many different teams, competing for the same goal, to make our city the best it possibly can be.


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