A Reflection on the Bisons, and the State of Minor League Teams

THOMAS DOBSON | 716 PRESS | See, look at the horrendous jersey they give us.

As I am currently watching the Bisons game(at the time of this post, we are tied with the Iron Pigs 0-0), a thought came to be, which I am puzzled by. Why do the parent clubs of teams, in any sport, feel the need to constantly rebrand their minor league teams, as soon as they gain control of the team?

Is it because of power, brand identity, or some other thing. For example, the Bisons had a perfectly good logo and colors that were neutral, meaning that they were not specific to the Cleveland Indians, but yet, the New York Mets felt the need to take over the Bisons, and make all of our logos resemble the Mets logo, from our primary logo, to our jerseys, to our colours, which are now, as we know, blue and orange, just like the Mets. I suppose I must count our blessings, at least they did not go the whole way, and rename us the Buffalo mets, like they have with Binghamton.

But, you know, this goes beyond our Bisons, into all minor league sports. The Syracuse Crunch, for example, had a perfectly good logo (though, the colors were Ducks colours), but Tampa Bay felt the need to give them a new logo.

Let us minor league teams have our own identity, separate from the parent club. Hell, if you want, put a shoulder patch of the main club’s logo if you feel the need, but no more besides that.



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