A Day of Caring


I was one of over 250 participants to volunteer to help out the Buffalo Sabres and United Way on their ‘Day of Caring’.

The event was held at First Niagara Center this morning, and consisted of volunteers filling about 4,000 backpacks with school supplies for ninth graders all around the Buffalo area. The woman representing the Boys & Girls Club today had told us before we began filling the backpacks that more than half of the ninth graders that attend public schools in Buffalo do not have the supplies that they need in the beginning of the year. All of us being able to work together enabled kids to be able to have all of these materials for when it starts up again within a few short weeks.

I went with one of my best friends, Melissa, to the event. I told her that I felt like I had accomplished something after leaving the arena today. Instead of just laying around the house, I participated in something that I know will help kids academically in the future and it makes me feel good about myself and other things.

As a part of putting together the backpacks, we were told to write inspirational messages of encouragement to the kids receiving the backpacks. You know what I wrote? “Remember – ‘Be great!'” Wise words from a small guy who never looked back and never gave up. Sabres fans know him well. He wears number 42.

Not only does this quote go for the young ones who still only dream to become successful, but it goes to the adults who are living the dream now. Don’t sell yourself short. Do not let others put you down. Keep on pushing forward.

Accomplish what you never thought you could.


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