The IL and the DH

THOMAS DOBSON 716 PRESS | But Daddy, I want to bat but these meanies aren’t letting me

Okay folks, we all know how much I hate the DH. And if you don’t, well, go reread almost every single baseball post I make, because I find a way to mention it. But, you know what, this post isn’t about my feelings(well, it kind of is, but shush over there in the peanut gallery.)

The current rule in the IL (and all of MiLB) is that if there is an affiliate of an American League team playing in the game, then the DH is used in the game, regardless of ballpark. For example, when I go to the Bisons Rochester Red Wings games this final homestand, the DH will be used, because the Red Wings are the affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, an AL team.

I can understand the reasoning behind this, because they do not want the pitchers taking BP all season, when they will never hit coming up into the majors, but this hurts the National League prospects more, because they WILL have to hit when they make it to the majors, and they will have barely any practice hitting, reinforcing the idea that the DH should be made universal(which it should not, rather, be removed form the game entirely).

My idea, is that the NL affilate should NEVER use the DH, no matter the park, while allowed the AL affiliate to use the DH in their games. While yes, I realize that this provides a competitive advantage to the AL teams, but honestly, when it comes down to it, it does not really matter if the Bisons will the Governor’s cup, or lose every ingle game. The point of MiLB is to develop players for the majors, and the bottom line is, the pitchers need to be hitting in the minors, and they are not doing that because of the ridiculous rule that the MiLB has currently.

(This all being said, I hope the Bisons win, and I know(hope) that the Mets do as well)


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