NHL Lockout: What It Will Mean to the City


As I am sure most(if not all) of you have heard, the NHL plans to lockout the players, if there is no new CBA by 15 Sept. Now, losing hockey is never a good thing, to hockey lovers such as myself and every other writer on this blog, but that amount of suckage is not what I want to talk about. Rather, let us explore the side effects of a lockout.

Hockey is good for the city, it really is. It brings business to Downtown Buffalo in a great variety of ways. It drives business to a variety of hotels, from the opposing team staying in for the night( Even if they can not appreciate the view *coughlupul*, they still bring money into the city),  to fans coming into Buffalo for the game, be they displaced Buffalonians to opposing fans, or people who have no ties to the city, but yet, want to come see a hockey game, not to mention support staff for the opposing team.

It brings money to the NFTA, from the people who park on UB South and just take the subway into the game, to save money on parking. Speaking of which, the parking garages will also lie empty, with no game traffic to accommodate.

The support staff of the arena will also suffer, because the hours will be drastically reduced, because they have no need to have people for concessions, if there is no people to sell said concessions to. Photography, janitors, ushers, security will all feel the loss, because of less things to work and less money to make.

Restaurants will also suffer, because they will lose business from pre game meals and people coming to watch the games in them, because they do not have tickets for the game, but do not feel like watching them at home. For example, Pearl Street’s is my favourite place to go for games such as that, and it is ALWAYS packed pregame, bringing in a lot of money for them, and even during the game, there is still a somewhat decent stream of people getting food. Nowhere near pregame, to be sure, but still.

NHL, think long and hard about this lockout, for it is not just the players you are punishing, but rather, the fans. Hell, I know you do not care about us, but think about the CITIES you are hurting, and the innocent people who rely or are boosted by the hockey season, and need hockey to continue.


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