Dear Sabres: More Promotions Please

Okay, my time around baseball this summer has been amazing, I will be honest. Now, I do love the beauty of the game, it is the best sport, sorry hockey, but there is something that I love about the experience, that hockey is missing, and that is free stuff.

The Sabres have a couple promotions, from Pucks ‘n Tux, to Hockey and Heels, to Fan Appreciation night, but not much else.

The Sabres should have more giveaways, for example bobblehead nights (Thomas Vanek yes please. You can add Pominville to that list, and Miller), free teeshirt nights, and you can throw sponsers on these, and most people would still love them.

Hey, if we can’t get our enjoyment by watchijlng the tea…. Oh wait, thanks Bettman, we won’t be seeing hockey this year thanks to you… we might as well have free stuff.


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