A Call to Shea’s: Better Shows Please


Okay, Shea’s, let’s be honest. Your selection of shows this year is passable, I admit, and have a few shows that I would like to go see, but nothing that truly jumps out to me as a must see show. I was in Downtown Pittsburgh yesterday headed for the Pirates game, and i passed by the Benedum Center, which, you know, is the Pittsburgh version of you. And well Shea’s, I hate to do this to you, because I love you, but the Benedum just out shined and outclassed you on the show listing.

You both had that idiotic looking Book of Mormon show, which has a South Park tie, so no thanks. However, the Benedum have Mary Poppins, and as any school child knows, is a must see. With iconic memories such as Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and Mary Poppins flying, and magic everywhere, it is a cultural classic, and calls people to the theatre.

While we have Now, we did have Mary Poppins a few years ago in 2010-2011, my point is that we can do a lot, lot better than the shows we have coming this year. Jekyll and Hyde will be entertaining of course, and so will White Christmas, but I want us to have good, strong shows.

(In other words, I am not happy about what is being played, just because they are not to my tastes.)


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