Bisons Release 2013 Schedule


Well folks, the Bisons released the 2013 schedule for next season, and so far, the dates look favourable for the Bisons.

The Bisons will open up against the rivals from across the Thruway, the Rochester Red Wings in a 14h05 start, and it will be a random two game series, followed up by two games in Rochester. The Bisons will also end the home schedule the same way, with two games against the Red Wings, after which they will again play two games in Rochester. The Bisons will, however, close the season in Syracuse, against the Chiefs.

The best month to see REAL baseball in Buffalo would be the month of June, where 8/12 home games will be played without the use of the Designated Hitter, an idea that has, and will, ruin baseball. In contrast, the worst month in that regard is July, where 2/13 games will be played without the DH, both against the Syracuse Chiefs.

All the normal promotions will happen, from Star Wars night, to Independence Eve, and the full schedule will be released later, per

Now, on a related note, the International League should expand the schedule, so it would resemble the majors more, to get the players used to that type of schedule. Three or four games in a series, and less of these two game series things. Now, this might require the schedule to be unbalanced, but it would be worth it. Or even, change the league to two seven team divisions(Right now, they are 6-4-4), and then the schedule could remain somewhat balanced.


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