The Buffalo Sabres on April 14th 2013: Future Post


And there it is, your Buffalo Sabres are Stanley Cup Champions.

Now, no matter how nice it would be to hear that call, a few problems with that:

A: The Sabres, no matter how much I want them to, will not win the Cup this year, however I would LOVE to be proved wrong on this.

B: The regular season ends the day before for the Sabres, so they wouldn’t have been able to win the Cup regardless of how good or bad they do.

C: The world will end on 21 December 2012, so this post is about a future that will never happen (kidding, maybe).

D: There might be a lockout this year, so the Sabres will not lose an entire game this year.

The Sabres in 2011-2012 just plain SUCKED. They couldn’t win at home, they had better success(read, not total failure) away, and I even thought that Sabres fans should cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs(/opposing team) if they were going to the game, just to make it an away type atmosphere for the Sabres.

And even with that, the Sabres STILL managed to make things interesting, and fought their way into 9th place in the Eastern Conference, despite being near the bottom for most of the season.

However, those times are behind us. Derek Roy is gone, thank God, and Girgensons and Grigorenko will both make the team this year, and provide some much needed depth at centre, and not become locker room cancers(I hope), and even if they do, they can not possibly screw up as bad as what Derek Roy did to his teammates.

With the chains of bondage in having Derek Roy at centre cast off of the Sabres, now Thomas Vanek is free to produce, and will score 45+ goals this season. Stafford will become productive again, just like he was when he was NOT playing with Derek Roy(aka, most of the time).

Miller will either become the superstar he sued to be, or will fall into the ranks of has-beens, and if the latter, well, sucks for us, because he has a NTC. For the record, this being the year before his contract year, I feel Miller will perform to near Olympic levels, and return to Miller Time.

Now, the defense will rebound from last year, and hopefully (cross fingers, and knock on wood) that the injury bug will skip the Sabres next year, and not become the Buffachester Samerks (That goes for all positions, not just the defense).

The Sabres will finish with a modest 96 points, and finish in sixth in the Eastern Conference.


(In case you cared, the NE will go Bruins, Sabres, Maple Leafs, Senators, Canadiens)

(And I know, boooo Boston)


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