Musings From The Van Cave Volume One


Yes, that’s my room. Some random things I’ve been thinking of under the cut.

-The University at Buffalo sucks with how they go about purchasing and distributing textbooks. Of course they get a new edition of a textbook that I can’t find anywhere else so I have to purchase it for $75 – and probably only getting $20 back. I know probably every University does this but they can still kiss my ass. My boss from Tim Hortons and I were discussing this morning about how textbooks should be included in our tuition – which I would be okay with. Those that dorm would probably be pissed, or even those out of state. Just some food for thought.

-Zemgus Girgensons popped into work today and order a Tuscan Chicken panini. I only knew it was him because I usually look to see who ordered what so I know who to give it to for quicker service. He was obvious in his Sabres hat and Sabres t-shirt, but it didn’t look like anyone knew who the hell he was – except for me. No, I didn’t say anything to him though I’m sure my mom is going to be mad when I tell her the story and she asks why I didn’t say anything. Leave the poor kid alone and let him dwell on the fact that he won’t be recognized still for awhile in this city.

-Dear some Ontarionians who insist on spending an entire week in Buffalo to shop, WHERE DO YOU MAKE ALL THIS CASH MONEY AND WILL YOU SHARE? I could blow all that money on hockey and jerseys because that is all I seem to care about. Also, stop telling us what you guys do in the Great White North as compared to us Americans. We get it. We’re ignorant sons of bitches but it’s not my fault you didn’t knock before walking into the loo and seeing someone’s privy parts. Please get a grip and we shall too. Have a nice holiday weekend!


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