A Crusty Matter: The Pizza Debate

We all know that Buffalo has the greatest pizza in the United States, but that begs the question, which pizzeria is the best in Buffalo. Now, for purposes of this discussion, I shall be leaving out the national chain pizza, because let us be honest, their pizza is nowhere near the best anyways, or even passable in most instances, so they have no business being named in this discussion.

Anyways, for me, the choice is between Just Pizza’s and La Nova’s.

The Case of the Crust:

La Nova’s crust is quite excellent, with just the right thickness so that it is able to hold the cheese and sauce, but yet thin enough that it is not a monster sized crust, like those barbarians from Chicago use. However, the same can be said about Just Pizza’s crust, and Just Pizza’s has a great many more varieties of crust, of which my personal favourite happens to be their Italiana crust, which has a nice blend of herbs on top, which transforms the crust from ordinary, while still top, crust into something a little bit more special and memorable.

Winner: Just Pizza’s

To top, or not to top, that is the question

Yes, I realize that cheese and sauce are not topping, but deal with it. The overall product of the pizza, Just Pizza’s does really, really, well. The overall beauty of the pizza is amazing, and the flavours work together really, really well. However, La Nova’s does the same, but tops Just Pizza’s by a slim margin, but it does.

Winner: La Nova’s

The Road to the Show, customer service edition

I have had very pleasurable times with both places, however I never have had my order screwed up by Just Pizza’s, however with La Nova’s, they have taken my order for a medium cheese pizza, and turned it into a small cheese and pepperoni pizza. I had not noticed this until the driver had driven away, so I was stuck with the wrong food.

Winner: Just Pizza’s

Salary Cap

For their smallest cheese pizza, Just Pizza’s is a 14″at 12,55$, and La Nova’s 13″ comes in at a meager 9,60$. While yes, you get less pizza, the pizza is still way cheaper at La Nova’s, so they get the nod

Winner: La Nova’s

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Pizza Gone.

La Nova’s has only two locations, the one in Buffalo proper, and another location in Williamsville. In contrast, Just Pizza’s has around 12 full locations, and two express stores, making their pizza easier to purchase, no matter where you live.

Winner: Just Pizza’s

The Boxing of the Pizza:

By statistical categories, Just Pizza’s is better than La Nova’s by a score of three wins to two, making them the winner of the Best Pizza in Buffalo. However, I still have a soft spot for La Nova’s, and feel that the pizza itslef tastes better, but overall Just Pizza’s is a better and easier experience.

EDIT: If you have any place that you feel was neglected, please, leave a comment in the comment box naming your favourite, and I shall give it a whirl.


2 thoughts on “A Crusty Matter: The Pizza Debate

  1. When in Buffalo I was always partial to either Picasso’s, Roz’s in West Seneca, or DeNiros. Never cared much for LaNova.

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