Rebulation and O.A.R.: A Review


I have never been to an Artpark concert before until last night.

A close friend of mine asked if anyone wanted to go along with her to see O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) at Artpark a few days ago, and I obliged gratefully. Sometimes I feel like going to concerts bothers me because of the people that show up but since I was never at Artpark before, I thought it would be a lot of fun.

I was right.

We arrived at Artpark a little after the opening act, Rebulation, made it onto the stage. Their music style reminded me of Reggae, which I don’t listen to a lot of, but I enjoyed their music none the less. My friend and I made comments about how hairy the lead singer looked and in the heat that we endured last night, that must have sucked. I mean, I wore a pretty light dress and I was still sweating bullets as I sat in the grass. The nice part about the Artpark venue is that there is a lot of space for people along with the concessions and they even had fully functional bathrooms along with the port-a-potties.

O.A.R. didn’t make an appearance until about 7:30, I think? I have only heard a total of three of their songs before last night’s concert and it took me awhile to recognize those three. While having sort of the same sound as Rebulation, I feel like O.A.R.’s music hit a bit closer to home for me, listening to some of the lyrics of their songs. At one point during the concert, the band members came into the crowd and directly sang to us. It was a memorable experience and one I’ll remember for always.

Unlike the last free concert I went to (Our Lady Peace in 2010 at Canalfest in Lockport), I wasn’t bothered by the people around me. Yeah, there was a lot of drinking. Yeah, I think I got high off of the pot smoke coming from closer to the stage. I honestly had a blast because I was surrounded by friends and there was fantastic music playing.

If you haven’t seen O.A.R. yet, then I suggest going when they come again next year, which will more than likely happen.

As the band sings in ‘That Was A Crazy Game Of Pokers’ – I said how about a revolution?


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