Kaleta Resigns With Sabres, and the World Mourns


Well folks, here it is. After a successful offseason so far, our good pal Darcy Regier has found a way to foul things up, and that, my good enemies, is by resigning Patrick Kaleta for a whopping cap hit of $1,25 million per season.

While yes, that is not all that much money, it is frankly too much to spend on him. Or, to be perfectly honest, buying Kaleta a new set of hockey gloves, which he will be needing bigger ones to accommodate his broken fingers/hand would be spending too much on him.

In case you have missed my point, I believe, mainly because, well, it’s true, that signing Kaleta was a waste of money. Not to mention, most importantly, a waste of a roster spot, seeing as, well, Kaleta will not serve a purpose on this team anymore, if he ever did. His so called “enforcer” role has been taken over by Steve Ott, and his fighting will also be taken over by him. Oh wait, Kaleta fighting, sorry about that, a factual error on my part. More like, turtling every time he was challenged to a fight.

Now, do not get me wrong, I do enjoy players who are willing to fight, and who provide a good work ethic in order to improve the team. I also enjoy players who are pests, but I hate one dimensional players, sooooo much. I like players who, in addition to all of the aforementioned traits, also have the ability to score, and oh, I don’t know, actually WIN the fights that they participate in, and do not fight for the sake of fighting, aka staged fights, but fight when it is necessary to do so to protect a teammate.

In other words(except the fighting part), I like a player for what Kaleta should be, like Sean Avery. I adore Avery, his on ice antics are complemented by an ability to score, and to take his antics off the ice as well, just to get inside his opponents head.

Anyways, I digress. Kaleta signed, woohoo, a wasted roster spot, and we will all mourn the lack of scoring this year because a roster spot is taken by a goon who can not even be good at being a goon.


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