Dear NFTA, We Want More Rides

Okay, NFTA, I will start with what you do right. I love the convenience of being able to go all the way Downtown on the subway, and to Sabres/Bisons/Bandits games and other Downtown things easily. The fares aren’t THAT unreasonable to me, and the trains come at a good pace. However…

… it would be really, really, nice if you expanded the subway system. The current line could be expanded to at the very least, North Campus of UB, if not even further. In addition,  second and third lines could be created. Replace some of the existing bus lines with subways, which would decrease on the pollution and congestion on the streets, and free up the road for drivers. (Not to mention, not have to sit behind a bus, and the horrendous diesel smell)

In addition, doing this would increase the number of jobs in the area, because of all the necessary construction work    in order to build the lines, not to mention the number of jobs that would be created for maintaining the lines, and the additional drivers that would be needed to operate the subways (Now, you can argue that the drivers would be simply reassigned from the buses to the subway, and you would be right, but then, at worst, it would cause no net job gain or loss)

Now, where would these new subways connect to you ask. Honestly, good question. What I would like to see(and I shall make a second post on a feasible routes, after I give the matter more thought, and how to do it) is to connect some of the Southtowns, and places like the Walden Galleria Mall to the subway line, as compared to having to take the subway downtown, then transferring onto a bus through some not so nice neighborhoods(and yes, I have done it).

We would have to create transfer stations of course, like they have in DC, where you can get off the Blue Line for example(what I am calling the current system), and get onto the White Line(one of my proposed lines).

Make it convenient for the people to use public transportation, and they will use it, and w will be able to cut down on traffic for the people who DO decide to drive.


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