Random Thoughts, Part Two

Just a bit of random, jumbled thoughts that have little or nothing to do with each other, besides being about Buffalo

A: We should try to host the Olympics one year, either by ourselves or try to have a joint US/Canada bid, with the main city being Toronto, and putting somethings in Buffalo

B: We are really spoiled by Wegman’s, they have great customer service, and a good selection of good food

C: Trust me, the times when you crave Buffalo food is when you can’t get it, like on vacation or the like

D: The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics was AMAZING, and so were the #buffaloopeningceremony Tweets, go look them up.

E: We need to get a MLB team, preferably a NL team. If it is an AL team, we should refuse to use the DH.

F: Duff’s blue cheese and their “Hot” hot sauce is an heavenly combination, and is also great to dip your fries into.

G: Take the time to go to downtown, and go to the Central Library, it is well worth your visit, great selection of materials and well organized.

H: Ott is going to be really, really good for the Sabres. We just need to hope he doesn’t turn into a reawakening of the last number 9 for the Sabres.

I: Get yourself to the Zoo, and enjoy the outside, because of all this weather we’ve been having, enjoy it while you can.

J: Go to Ted’s, great place as I am sure you all know, and I’ll be doing a full Ted’s post at some point soon

K: Get yourself down to a Bisons game. Nice, cheap baseball games, and get to see our stars, before the Mets stea…err call them up and they do great, like Matt Harvey.

L: Get yourself to Bills training camp in Rochester, and enjoy the sights of football season.

And, for fun, I think I’ll stop at L, and end this with a nice Let’s Go Buffalo.


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