Sabres Re-Sign Schiestel to One-Year Deal


Who wants a defensemen? Anyone? We have defensemen here!

The Buffalo Sabres announced today that they re-signed Drew Schiestel to a one-year, two-way contract for the upcoming season. Schiestel unfortunately has dealt with ailments in his knees the past two seasons which has knocked him down the totem pole of defensemen and who should be called up when. Before his knee injury two seasons ago, he was on the verge of heading to the AHL All Star Game and having a career year. He was coming off of a strong summer workout when his knee blew out again during the Amerks home opener. To top off the horrible streak that the poor guy had going on, he was re-assigned to the Texas Stars for the remainder of the season after their deadline day had come and gone.

You have to wonder where Schiestel will be placed in the Amerks lineup, considering the Sabres have way too many defensemen right now within their system. He can play forward but was not very happy when he was asked to take that position during some Amerks games. His disapproval is probably one of the main reasons why he was re-assigned to Texas in the first place last season.

I’m a huge fan of Drew Schiestel and am honestly excited that he’s going to be back in an Amerks uniform. I hope (for his sake) that he can get back up to speed and continue on from where he left off two years ago. He adds more depth to the blue line which the Sabres probably do not need, but this could in fact mean that there will be deals in place for the near future and the team will be able to get rid of some defensemen.


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