About Acceptance and Not Living In Fear


Lenny Palumbo calls it ‘abominable’.

The recent outrage on his story that appeared in the Niagara Falls Reporter caused an extreme interest amongst hockey fans everywhere – and not in a good way. In an article explaining how the Sabres are getting tougher this offseason, Mr. Palumbo took it upon himself to mention the ‘You Can Play’ Project; saying it ‘endorses homosexuality in hockey’ and calls it a top priority of the National Hockey League.

I’m sorry, what?

Mr. Palumbo, I don’t believe the league is endorsing anything except it’s logo in anything that it does. Promoting the ‘You Can Play’ Project is for the purpose of having the LGBTQ community realize that they do not have to be afraid and the league is accepting. Being bisexual myself, I was happy to hear about them starting this movement after Brendan Burke passed away in a tragic car accident. His father Brian, and brother Patrick and doing their damnedest to make sure he is remembered in the right way and I believe this is how they should go about it.

Your concern with the league is that they have an agenda, and this seems to be at the top of their list. It shouldn’t be a part of any agenda. Acceptance should be a universal trait of every human being that walks on this Earth, and being a teammate with any LGBTQ athlete should have no effect on how that teammate is treated within a locker room. There should be no persuading, except when it comes to close-minded people like yourself, sir. People like you are the reason why change cannot happen in this country; because you aren’t accepting of others. It’s the 21st century. Get in the now, not in the past. You claim that you wish to protect your son from this but in all honesty, what if your son turns out to be gay himself? Are you going to push him out the door because he happens to love a person of the same sex? Who are you to decide what is right and what is wrong?

I’m proud to be a Buffalo Sabres fan and seeing our captain, Jason Pominville, proudly promote this worthy cause. Every hockey player who has stepped forward to also promote this cause has made me appreciate them even more so, no matter what colors they wear on their jerseys. Every positive word about the LGBTQ community is believed to help someone keep on living; to realize that things are going to get better in the future. They will get better.

Acceptance, Mr. Palumbo. Learn what it actually means, please.


One thought on “About Acceptance and Not Living In Fear

  1. Pat Kaleta himself said that he would do a spot for You Can Play if he was asked. I wonder how Mr. Palumbo feels about that. One of the “tough guys” on the Sabres is supporting a movement that is letting the LGBTQ community know that they can feel safe.

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