The Buffalo Bisons Parent Club Future


I will admit, I am not, in any way, whatsoever, a fan of the Mets being the parent club of the Bisons for multiple reasons, mainly because they are a downstate team, and yeah, no thanks. I also hate how they took the Bisons logo and uniforms, which could have easily been kept, seeing as, well, they had no real Indians ties, and rebuilt them into a Mets branded club.

I do admit, the jerseys DO look nice, and I own a new pinstripe jersey, but I would much rather restore our true identity, one independent of any parent club affiliation, something that screams Buffalo, instead of “Oh look, my parent club hates me, and makes me look exactly like them.”

The only positive of the affiliation is that the Mets are part of the National League, and as such, I am not tortured with the DH every single game. I get to watch REAL baseball, where everyone plays the field and hits.

But anyways, I digress (sort of). For me, the ideal parent club would be either the Toronto Blue Jays or the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Blue Jays would be ideal because, from ballpark to ballpark, is one hour and 50 minutes. The commute would be short, which enables easy call ups and send downs, not to mention, we could make the short trip up to Toronto, and watch our old players play in the majors easily, as compared to the hours upon hours it takes to get downstate. The Las Vegas 57s are currently 58-42, two games back from the division league, so the talent is there in the minors, for the Bisons to become and succeed, and possibly bring a championship to Buffalo. The biggest drawback, from my point of view, is that the DH would be used all the time, and as a person who grew up watching the National League, make me feel dirty, just like when we were with the Indians.

The Pirates however, are a respectable National League team, with their current Indianapolis Indians leading the IL West with a record of 63-40. The trip also is shorter than what it takes to get downstate, about three and a half hours, which granted, is a lot longer than Toronto, but it also happens to be the closest NL team to Buffalo, and the closest in the States, besides Cleveland(which I am not counting, because they already have the ideal affiliate). The team is now doing really, really well in the majors, and we have already had a successful partnership with the Pirates before, and it is time for it to be renewed. And also, the DH would continue NOT to be used, except when playing an AL affiliate, as is the case right now with the current partnership.

I do admit, both of the teams I suggest do happen to be my two favourites, with the Pirates being higher than the Blue Jays, due to being a NL team and no DH, but it all just makes sense. Closer commutes, easier for the fans of both sides to see the future in Buffalo, and watch them perform on the MLB level.

Win for us in Buffalo, win for the parent club, wins for everyone.


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