Sabres’ Third Jersey Thoughts


Let me preface this post with saying, there are no rumours about the Sabres getting a new third jersey. In fact, from what I can recall, the Sabres plan to not have one next year, so this is just a fun design in my head post, based on no rumours whatsoever, except the thoughts going through my mind.

Now, and I realize that most are repulsed at the idea (maybe), but I would LOVE for the Sabres to introduce a yellow, yes yellow, third jersey. Not a vomit yellow, not a urination yellow, but a nice solid yellow, like what the Predators have, or what the current practice jerseys above look like.

Now, I was a bit weary on how the logo would look against a yellow (gold) jersey, but the practice jerseys show that, in fact, it can work, and does work.

Now, the striping is where it becomes really weird, and hard to think how it could work. An inverted home jersey could work, and look rather nice. But, I am rather leaning towards the white jersey striping, but make the white yellow and the yellow white. But, the shoulders, just keep as is.

Or, a similar idea, and just keep the blue shoulders on the white jersey, and make all the yellow into white and the white into yellow.

Anyways, leave your ideas in the comment box, and I’ll do a follow-up post with the best of your ideas for the Sabres new third jerseys.


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