NHL Lockout Series: The Buffalo Waterfront


Lake Erie.

Sometimes living in Buffalo, you take things for granted. Such as what I mentioned before – Lake Erie is right in our midst and many people don’t seem to appreciate it as much as they should.

The waterfront has changed much within the past two years, with developments being in the works of where the Aud once stood and multiple things happening around the water itself. The city of Buffalo moved their annual ‘Thursday At The Square’ series to ‘Thursday At The Harbor’, where each week they have free shows of bands performing at the Marina. They also have had a paid concert series nearly every week on either Friday or Sunday; artists that have included Weezer and Feist. I was actually supposed to go see Young The Giant this past Thursday with a friend but Mother Nature had something else in mind…

Also at the waterfront, a boardwalk was placed where people can find tour guides, monthly events at the boardwalk, and many chairs for viewing pleasure of boats passing by or maybe even just to have a seat. They have placed a little children’s area closer to the water that will keep the little ones busy when you take in the breathtaking scenery. Well, perhaps don’t take in too much breath if the water smells like dead fish – but this is why no one should swim in the lake to begin with.

Another part of the waterfront that I thoroughly enjoy is The Hatch. The Hatch is a little restaurant that’s a little ways down the Marina line, actually just as you enter the Basin itself. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken burgers, pretty much any type of sandwich you would be in the mood for. The restaurant has a little sitting area along the water (make sure not to feed the seagulls!) and also an area underneath a tarp in case you want to avoid the mosquitos and beating sun. Whenever I go down there, I make sure to stop inside to get a drink or a little snack. I recommend it for anyone walking along the boardwalk path.

I think one of the biggest eye pleasers is the Naval Park. I’ve honestly never gone through it myself, but the USS The Sullivans reside there. It’s been known that both of the ships are haunted – which immediately peaks my interests. I’m also very big into history so I’m shocked that I haven’t been on either of them yet. I think one of these days I’ll go on there and experience it for myself. In fact, in September, the park is celebrating the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. You should check it out if you can and you’re in town!

One last thing about the Marina – make sure that you overlook the Lake via the lookout near the Pier. The Lake is absolutely beautiful from that vantage point and you can see a lot of the city as well. Maybe you don’t find Buffalo to be a beautiful city but maybe you can change your mind with a different view.






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