NHL Lockout Series: Venus’

Continuing my series today will be my second thing of what to do, and my first post for you foodies out there, and that place is Venus Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant right in University Heights, across from UB South Campus.

The food selection is what you would typically expect from a Greek restaurant, ranging from gyros, to souvlaki, and classic desserts, like baklava. The food is always good, and most importantly, consistently good and is prepared in your sight, albeit not right in from of you. The service is always courteous, and they have daily specials on a marker board right near the register.

My usual order(Okay, to be perfectly honest, the only thing I have ever ordered, because why deviate from a good thing) is their Mega Gyro, a side of french fries, and a bottled drink for just around 10$, including tax.

The food always is prepared quickly, and they will bring it right out to you, and is always nice and hot(I realize that this should be expected, and it is, but not always true in some places). The gyro itself almost reaches the perfect balance between meat(which you can get normal or Mega, but the Mega is my personal preference), lettuce, tomato, yogurt dressing, and feta cheese, however the cheese is often excessive, and take away from the harmony of the ingredients.

Now, in that amount of time while you are waiting for your food and eating it, you will not be able to resist being drawn into the fine display of Mediterranean culture, or, in more perfect honestly, the Egyptian culture that permeates the eatery. From the Egyptian music playing in the background, to the news channel(in Arabic, no less), to the decorations, one will be drawn into the surroundings, and enhance your overall enjoyment.

If you are one who like to leave their mark, you are able to place your signature, mark on the wall nearest the glass storefront, as many have done before you.

However, this all does come with a price. And by price, I mean price. Compared to other Greek restaurants, Venus’ is on the higher end of the price range, but still not all that unreasonable in price for a good and filling lunch.

And of, they deliver, and that includes UB North Campus.

Venus Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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