NHL Lockout Series: Albright Knox Art Gallery


A couple days ago, I made this post about what to do if there was a NHL lockout, and that made me start to think about this. Why not do a detailed series on different places around the city in which you can spend your hard earned money, and here we go with the Albright-Kox Art Gallery.

As I said before, I would be the world’s biggest liar (Yes, a bigger liar than the majority, if not all, of politicians) if I denied that Albright Knox is my favourite place in the entire  City of Buffalo, not to mention all of Erie County. Yes folks, that’s right. I like it more than the First Niagara Center.

Some background on the place, for those of you who are unaware (which, i hope, none of you are) Now, we all, for the most part, know that Seymour Knox III founded the Buffalo Sabres, but his father is the important one here, and the cause of the “Knox” in Albright Knox. Seymour Knox II was one of the largest contributors to Albright Knox, contributing over 700 pieces to the collection. The Gallery is dedicated to Modern Art, which also happens to be my favourite time period in all of art history (cue jokes about lightbulbs and surrealists and fish). The collection of pieces by Pablo Picasso is extensive, to the point that, on one of my visits in 2009, that there was an entire exhibit dedicated to him.

One of the great things about the gallery is that, once you think you have saw all that the gallery has to offer, you find another room, filled with masterpieces that you have not been seen already. Albright Knox also has rotation exhibits, such as the Celebration of Greek Culture that is opening on 27 July(a week from Friday), which will also, on a personal note, feature two icons from Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, which is one of the parishes I sometimes attend for Liturgy.

So, what I am getting at, if that, because of the rotating exhibits, and the rotation of the pieces in the permeant collection, Albright Knox Art Gallery is always worth your visit, and for the meager price of 8$ for an adult visit, well worth the price of admission. In addition, an individual can purchase a membership for 50$ per annum, and that is reduced to 25$ for students, and other various price levels. Also, if you do not wish to pay, and let me be honest, free stuff is always good, you can go on the first Friday of every month, which is the M&T Bank First Friday, where they have workshops(some for a fee, some free, and some free with a membership), and not to mention, extended hours and free admission to the gallery.


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