Rating Mighty Taco


Mighty Taco. Mighty Taco. Mighty Taco.

If you live in the Western New York area or have been here for long periods of time, you’ve heard that jingle before. You’ve heard it on the radio. Sometimes, it’ll pop on the television in an advertisement every once in awhile. You think about the delectable taco meat in your mouth with whatever sauce pleases you the most (hold the hot sauce for me). With cheap prices and yummy food, how can you pass it up?

Mighty Taco has been around for a long time (almost 40 years to be exact!) and keeps on feeding the Buffalo faithful everyday. With many restaurants in the Buffalo area and recently opening one in Rochester, the chain just keeps on growing. It makes you wonder if Mighty will make it’s mark farther East one of these days. It may be my favorite Mexican restaurant, personally.

This isn’t a review on Mighty Taco as a franchise, though. Jon and I recently visited the brand new Mighty location located on the Chip Strip. Think about it – it’s 4:10 AM on a Saturday and you just left the club with your boys (I refuse to say ‘bros’ on this blog, no one here is a douchebag). You can’t tell what desire is stronger; your need to use the nearest bush as a restroom or spilling out all the alcohol in your stomach on Chippewa.

Hold on a second – the bright lights from the ‘Mighty Taco’ sign suddenly distract you. It’s like heaven; a few drunken steps away from the club you just left. The three Super Mightys you’re suddenly craving can soak up that alcohol right away, correct? Brilliant idea and an awesome location.

You notice right away from looking outside that the dining area and ordering area are split into two separate sections. It’s nice and convenient that you don’t necessarily have to move around others in order to get to a table. The staff all seemed very nice and were efficient with making the items that we had ordered.

I think my favorite part about this Mighty’s is the window seating that looks out to Chippewa. People watching is something I’m used to since at the Tim Hortons I work at, we have something similar. If it’s a nice afternoon, then it gets you to sit by the light and enjoy watching people walk by either from coming from work or going down to the heart of the street itself.

So get your sober or drunk ass over to the new location on Chippewa and enjoy a Loganberry with your Mighty Taco. Have a seat and people watch. Enjoy it.


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