My Random Buffalo Musings


I seriously have no clue what this post is going to be about, so just a few thoughts from last week.

A: The Mighty’s on the Chippewa is amazing, and is really, really nice inside.

B: City hall is really, really nice, and the view from there is one of, if not the, best in all of Buffalo.

C: If you ever go to Chef’s and you really should, be sure to order the Stafford Special, which is a cross between chicken parm and spaghetti parm, and it is really, really good.

D: If you know of things not on the menu, but they make, be sure to order them, because they are the best things. Like the Stafford Special at Chef’s and the poutine at Jack Astor’s, which while not the purest poutine, is rather good.

E: I know, it is a nationwide chain, but the Five Guys at the Walden Galleria Mall is really good, and have good hamburgers and french fries.

F: We need a Wegmans or Tops in downtown Buffalo, because, well, the farmers market is good, but having a full grocery store downtown would be convenient, and good to stop at before or after having events downtown.

G: Having a greengrocer downtown, like a permanent farmers market, would also be amazing to have. Imagine being able to buy fresh fruit and etc. on your lunch break from work.

H: I wish I had went to the City Grille before it had shut down. It was always on my list of places to go, but now I will not be able to go, seeing as, well, it does not exist anymore.

I: On that note, Bijiou Grille is also high on my list of places to go to, but never have yet.

J: I’ll end these thoughts by saying, sports fans, expand your horizons and culture by going to a cultural attraction, such as Shea’s, Albright Knox, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, or other such places, especially if there is a lockout. Artsy cultured people, be sure to get to a sports game or two, and experience low culture at its finest.

Well folks, there you go. A rather random post, but hits on multiple good points.

And oh, Happy 716 Day


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