Recap of Sabres Development Camp


The Sabres closed out their Development Camp last night when they had their ‘Blue & Gold Scrimmage’ held at the First Niagara Center. Team Blue won over Team Gold seven to three. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend since I was at work but watching highlights, it looks like it was action packed. The Sabres have such a bright future within their prospects. I’m very excited for this team in years to come.

Jon and I made our way down to the arena on the second day of development camp. The camp brought an audience to the arena that hasn’t been seen since the home closer versus Toronto and it was nice to see the ice back again. We managed to sit fairly close behind the bench to take in most of the action, even though it was difficult to see what was going on down by the goaltenders.

The first group came out to skate and take shots at around ten. Luke Adam led the warm-ups at center ice right before they practiced putting lines together and doing a small scrimmage. I’m trying to remember what exactly happened with the first group but my memory is failing me – oops!

Linus Ullmark was one of the draft picks featured in the first group, and he played like most Swedish goaltenders – extremely well. Actually, one of my friends kept making comments about him being Swedish and he seems super nice. A lot of people were asking for his autograph and he obligingly signed near the tunnel entrance.

Lindy made an appearance to help out the rookies in the first session. No ribs had been hurt in the process (just kidding, coach!) I couldn’t hear him yelling which is quite odd for him since he yells at all the Sabres during their practices. Maybe he could have spent all of that time yelling at Andrew Peters, who does Sabres Hockey Hotline with Kevin Sylvester now on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Petey was being his normal self and being a jokester. At one point he almost took out Jim Corsi by grabbing his jacket when he passed by the bench. He was also somehow getting by the cold with wearing a dress shirt and shorts, but soon had to put on a Sabres jacket because of the temperature. Hockey players have to be used to that sort of cold by now, you know?

I think people were more interested in the second practice session, which had consisted of Grigorenko, Girgensons, and Armia all on one line during the practice scrimmage. From my point of view, Grigs has an amazing shot – and seeing him during the ending shootout was a lot of fun. The kid has got skill and I hope the Sabres can sign him to a three-year entry level deal as well as they did with Girgs just today. If anything, let’s just call him up from the QMJHL for shootouts alone since he seems to be a mastermind on 1-on-1s.

While only able to have attended Tuesday’s camp, every practice (from what I’ve heard) had been exactly the same. Rookie camps are always fun to attend just to see the future and how bright it’s going to be for the team.

I think the Sabres are going to be lucky in a few, short years.


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