2012 AAA All Star Game Under the Stars, But No Stars


The AAA MiLB All Star Game took place under a nice starry night in Downtown Buffalo. The scene was perfect, good weather, Coca Cola Field was packed with an announced sellout crowd, and with around 17 000 people in attendance. To the utter delight of the crowd, Doug Allen came out onto the field, and sung the national anthems.

However, that would be close to the last thing that International League fans would have to cheer about. The first inning started out with the Pacific Coast League scoring two runs, which would prove to be one unneeded run as the International League, just like the American League was in the Major League edition, was shutout.

However, the hometown Bisons fans would not be terribly disappointed, for Matt Harvey, in his first inning of work, retired the Pacific Coast League’s batters in order, and in his second inning of work, surrendered zero runs for a scoreless two innings of work.

Pascucci “started” the game as the most ridiculous position in all of sport, one that needs to be banned, as soon as possible, as the designated hitter. In hit first at bat, he doubled to put runners on second and third. However, nothing was to come of this, as the IL failed to score a runner in the second inning, or the first, or hell, any of the innings.

Overall, the game was a chance to let our city shine, as tourists came into the city and tried local favourites, such as Chef’s, where I had my pregame meal with fellow 716Presser Shelby Griswold.

While the game was not as successful as hoped, the festivities, including the sky divers before the game, more than made up for the performance by the International League.


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