Birthdays at the Taste of Buffalo

The Taste of Buffalo was held this past weekend in Downtown Buffalo.  The Taste is an annual event, and is the largest two-day festival in the country!  It’s been going on since 1984 and attracts an estimated 450,000 people to Niagara Square and Delaware Avenue.  It also always seems to happen on one of the hottest weekends of summer!  The idea behind the Taste is that you buy tickets to purchase servings of food from various tents.  Most restaurants in Buffalo come to the Taste, and the whole event is presented by Tops Friendly Markets.  They select award winners in several categories and everyone has a grand ole time stuffing their faces with some of Buffalo’s best foods.

Museum Tent at the Taste of Buffalo
(photo courtesy of BECHS)


I went to the Taste this year.  However, I will be the first to admit, I did not actually eat any food there.  I volunteer at the History Museum and was working at the museum tent during the Taste.  One exciting thing which is happening this year is that the Science Museum, History Museum and Art Gallery are all having their 150th anniversary!  At the Taste this year, we celebrated their birthdays at a museum tent.

The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, The Natural History Society and the Buffalo Historical Society were all founded in 1862.  Former President Millard Fillmore was involved in the founding of the Natural History Society and the Buffalo Historical Society.  I was unable to determine if he was also involved in the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, but Mr. Fillmore helped achieve a great deal of good for the City of Buffalo during his time after his presidency (he also founded the University of Buffalo!)  These fledgling institutions eventually became what we know as the Albright Knox, the Science Museum and the History Museum.

At the Taste of Buffalo, the three museums had a tent that was shaped like a birthday cake!  We had a craft table where kids could make Buffalo-shaped fans to cool off in the heat.  Also, all three museums had guessing games set up on their respective tables, to guess facts about artwork, stuff under microscopes and historic artifacts.  I particularly liked the children’s reactions when they’d see what a fruit fly looked like under a microscope!

Artifact Table
(photo courtesy of BECHS)

If you missed talking to the museums at the Taste, you haven’t missed out yet.  There are special exhibits going on at all three museums – I strongly urge you to visit our fine cultural institutions and be a part of our City’s fabulous history.  The 150th anniversary exhibits Origins and Ever After just opened at the History Museum this week.  Let me know if you’d like a tour!

For more information on the museums, check out their websites:


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