Baseball and Celebrities and Bisons, Oh My!

Jonathan Sexauer | 716 Press

Tomorrow, Coca-Cola Field is hosting the Home Run Derby that will include several hometown celebrities as well as those chosen for the All Star Game. Included amongst the celebrities is Lindy Ruff and Patrick Kaleta.

Now I’ve never actually witnessed a Home Run Derby in my life other than what I’ve seen Jon play on his video game. He explained to me that in the Home Run Derby, each player has to hit a home run or otherwise it’s considered an out. It’s basically a way to see how many home runs one player can get before he hits ten outs. It seems like an incredibly fun concept but I’m more interested (at least in this league) to see what the celebrities can do.

Patrick Kaleta strikes me as someone who can hit a few balls deep but I wonder if his baseball skills are up to par with his turtling skills. (I’m just kidding. Sort of. Really.) Considering the injuries he’s had on his hands and fingers it’ll be interesting to see if he can, in fact, hit a few home runs.

It’s the same with Lindy. While Lindy isn’t THAT old, he’s still up there in age. Does the Sabres coach have it in him to get a couple of homers out of the park? Will I be yelling at him about how he should let Thomas Vanek play more often and on the penalty kill? Perhaps. If anyone hears someone yelling about it, that’ll be me doing that. Rioting for ice time, y’all.

Also, I just looked up to see that Rob Gronkowski is also participating in the Celebrity Home Run Derby. I know he’s a hometown boy but he’s a Patriot and I can’t get behind this. Awkward when he’s in the batter’s box along with Freddy Jackson. ‘So, Rob, remember when the Bills beat the Patriots in Buffalo? Yeah…’

Plenty of pictures will be taken tomorrow and a recap will be posted following the Home Run Derby. Hope to see you there!


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