A Warm Welcome To My Canadian Friends

Bonjour/hello my friends from the Great White North. How are you today? I’m a worker at the Walden Galleria Mall in Tim Hortons and I would like to make a friendly reminder to you that many of us Americans lack understanding when it comes to your customs and traditions. By traditions, I mean like finding it completely normal to spend a week in the States to go to the mall everyday and make purchases.

How is this fun?

Listen, I know your tax rate is incredibly crazy. I should just narrow this list of Canadians down to those from the province of Ontario because I rarely see other province license plates in our parking lot. We have Tim Hortons at the mall – along with everywhere else in Western New York. We also have other great things, like the Cheesecake Factory and Bravo! There are many new and exciting things to be had at the mall or perhaps all over the area. Someone should explain to me your holidays like Civic Day or Family Day, because as an American, I do lack an understanding as to why we do not have holidays like this either. How much do you make over the course of a year? Maybe it’s time for me to move to Canada in order to get a decent paycheck to blow it all on shopping (or hockey tickets, which is what I would prefer to do, honestly).

This is just a continuation of what Jon had posted before, but being someone who works at the mall on a daily basis, I beg of you guys to be kinder and more respectful to us mall employees in many regards. I’m sorry we don’t take Canadian at par because we don’t have Canadian banks. I’m sorry that the Ham & Swiss sandwich and BLT sandwich are two separate things. I’m sorry that we hate when mall goers leave trash all over our parking lots. Please be courteous and kind to our mall employees who enjoy thoroughly taking your money that you’ve worked so hard for and we will in turn respect you. Thanks.


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