Dear Canadian Shoppers, Thank You

Dear my Canadian shopper friends,

Thank you, for what you do. While yes, you litter our parking lots with bags and boxes, in order to avoid paying duty on them, while you are some of the rudest shoppers, thank you.

You fill our malls, and decide to spend your hard earned money improving our economy, which we ate indebted to you for, as you spend yourselves into debt.

We see this, and we thank you. We provide you with Canadian staples, such as Jack Astor’s and Tim Horton’s, so you may enjoy the comforts of home in Buffalo.

We continue to do this, by flying the Canadian flag everywhere you can think of, just to show our love. At our Sabres and Bandits games, we play both anthems, so you feel at home.

The thing we ask in return for our kindness, please learn to drive you Ontario people, so you may live to enjoy our attractions, and please, leave only tour money, and put your garbage in the can.

Thank you, for everything, and please, try something new on your next visit.


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