Buffalo and All Star Games.


Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of attending the National Lacrosse League All Star Game at the First Niagara Center, and I will be attending the AAA Baseball all star game next week at Coca Cola Field.

Now, while the East Division in the NLL lost, I have full confidence that the International League will emerge victorious over the Pacific Coast League, this post isn’t about the game itself. Rather, what we could make the games be.

These sort of games give us the chance to highlight our wonderful city, and bring people’s hard earned money into our economy, and help build the city.

We have so many treasures downtown, and thus is our time to show them off, and be proud if our city, and show our visitors what we love about our city, and why we call it home.

We might not make a lot of headway, but we can certainly plant a kit of seeds, and keeps watering them, so we will grow and grow.

I welcome the publicity this will bring, and this will show others that we are not but just snow and ice and winter, but a city filled with history, culture.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for ice, and that is why we should push, and we deserve the NHL all star game.

(A detailed pregame for the asg will be upcoming, in a later post.)


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