Musings from Maryland

As I sit here, riding in my car vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland, I can’t help but to think, what do the Sabres need this year, in order to win the Cup this year.

Let me start with the excuses that we used as to why we didn’t even make the playoffs this year.

Injuries: This is true, we had streches of the season when practically the entire roster was made up of Amerks.

Injuries will happen. There is no getting around this fact, all that we can do is hope that they won’t come around as much, and have an effective AHL roster that we can pull from.

The benefit of our injuries last year? We had more prospects see NHL action than before, and, due to lack of the top players, more ice time for the players left on the Amerks.

We have the goaltending that we need to not only make the playoffs, but do really well. And, if that fails, well, we can always go the Flyers route, with crappy goaltending.

We javel the scoring that we need. Well, that’s s lie, kinda. We have the potential to score. And, with two new centres via the draft, we have filled our most gaping hole. We can add by subtracting, and get rid of Roy, and we will be well on our way.

Look for Thomas Vanek to have a resurgence, and I firmly believe he will score 45 goals this year.

The Sabres have the potential to be a top team, but even if they aren’t, this year will be an experience year, and be a good year.


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