Deep In The Heart of Texas

The Sabres let go of another part of the Rochester Five today when they shipped Derek Roy off to the Dallas Stars in exchange for Steve Ott and Adam Pardy. Derek had one year left on his contract but he needed a change of scenery.

Not many fans were pleased with his play last season and wanted him out (including myself). He called out Lindy Ruff at the end of the year; saying that the way players were treated was unfair and things weren’t going well in the locker room. His calling out may have had something to do with him ultimately being traded but we all know he had to get out of here. His magic with Thomas Vanek had become stale and while he pulled off some heroics in the second last game of the year, it was not enough to keep #9 in a Sabres jersey. So to you Derek, I say farewell. Take your bro-ness, put on some chaps (with the ass IN them preferably), and take your skills to the old west. Wreak havoc out there, bro.

I’m not too aware of what Steve Ott can do other than hit people and be a mean mother-you know. I guess a lot of people aren’t happy that we’ve acquired him because of him being sort of a douchebag but you know what? I’ll take him. The Sabres not being tough has been an issue for YEARS and people are complaining that we need to get scoring. I feel like more will happen over the next few days with the team and so far, I’m enjoying this summer from the Sabres. I can’t wait to see what Darcy will do next.

Though, with acquiring yet ANOTHER defensemen, you have to wonder if he has something up his sleeve. We have about seven or eight defensemen up here for the big club and a few that need to be re-signed in Rochester. I’m sure that there will be a trade going down sometime soon if only to get draft picks or possibly a bigger name. It’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds and if Darcy can make some magic happen once again.


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