Hope for the Sabres: Free Agency

Hope. What a strange word, is it not? A word that describes what sustains us Buffalonians and Sabres  fans. However, that word is also makes us despair, and quickly vanishes. However, hope is what we have.

It is true that Darcy Regier has done nothing. I will not argue that point. However, there was no truly significant signings today, whatsoever. Sure, people were moved around, some like P.A. Parenteau, whom I would have liked on the Sabres, but no earth shattering signings.

The biggest news of the day was Penner being resigned by the Kings, but his departure was unlikely. The future I foresee is one where the largest significance of today is that today is Canada Day, and free agency will hardly exist for the most part, and trades and the draft will be where talent ands cores are built.

So, what is my point? For once, I am glad Regier did nothing, for the pickings were slim, and we solved our centre issue via the draft.

EDIT: After publishing this post, John Scott was signed by the Sabres.


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