A Night With Patrick Kaleta – and My First Bisons Win


Pretty fancy, huh?

On Friday night, the Buffalo Bisons held their second annual night with Patrick Kaleta. Last year I believe he also held a camp out for kids to sleep out on the field. I was originally going to do it with a group of friends but we decided against that. We decided to attend just the game itself and had a blast. Patty was doing a signing between 6 and 6:50 but before that, Mark Cohoon (#54) and Collin McHugh (#53) were signing a few things for people. That’s where the picture above had come from. They were extremely nice and said they liked my Sabres jersey, so that was cool. I was informed they were wearing their throwbacks as well. They perfectly complemented one another. (Patty was also very nice, but this post isn’t about him, it’s about the baseball.)

Now I have been to six Bisons games in total and with the first five, they had lost. A few of the games weren’t too bad, but with other ones, it had been blow outs. I think it’s more difficult for me to get into MILB games because of the lack of people who go to the games in the first place. Most of the good players end up being called up to the big leagues so naturally, the Bisons would lack some offense on their end. It just seems like every game, something goes horribly wrong and the Bisons lose stupidly. That would just be my luck.

Somehow the Bisons were able to provide the offense and win by a blowout score of 8-0. Harvey had been pitching and according to a friend of mine, he’s an extremely talented prospect for the Mets. This could be why the Bisons won actually…but that’s okay. It’s too bad I didn’t get to see their first win with Jon, but we’re going to have a fun time during the All Star Week here in Buffalo. I’m looking forward to it! I have no idea who most of the minor leaguers are so compared to the MLB All Star Game, I’ll be totally confused. It will be the first All Star game I have ever attended for any sport…and it’s pretty special that Buffalo has had two this year with Lacrosse and now with Minor League Baseball. I hope this means that soon there will be the NHL All Star Game in Buffalo because…yes. Yes, I would appreciate that very much.


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