Rating the Polish Villa


Being this is my first post at the 716 Press, I decided to start off with a small review on a restaurant that is important to my own heritage of the Polish culture. The Polish Villa is located on Union Road in the city of Cheektowaga (where I live). It became so popular with local residents that a second location had opened up on Harlem Road, also in Cheektowaga. It’s simply called ‘The Polish Villa II’. I have yet to try the latter but I went to the original location last night for dinner and I was impressed for someone who rarely eats Polish food.

Walking in, I immediately sensed the homely feel that the restaurant can give it’s customers. There was both the older Polish generation all over the establishment while I also saw a few younger people enjoying the food of their heritage. What was surprised was how busy it was for a Monday evening in the summer time. I think by the time we arrived, which was around 5:45 PM, nearly all of the tables were filled in the dining room. It’s a tiny area but not too difficult to navigate through. The restaurant has many different paintings to look at and there was a mannequin in the window dressed in the typical Polish garb.

My dinner consisted of Golabki and Breaded Pork Chops. My grandmother made Golabki all of the time when I was little but I never ate it because I hate the idea of eating cabbage. The Golabki from the Polish Villa was perfectly delicious and melted in my mouth as I ate it. It was easy to cut through it and the meat was tender, along with the rice. It was a perfect combination. I also haven’t eaten pork chops in a long time so this was an opportunity I could not pass up. It was extremely breaded (which I enjoy) but unfortunately, not enough chewable meat on the pork chop. That was my only complaint.

I give the Polish Villa a 9.5/10 for their quick service, lovely attitude, and great food. If you’re Polish and in the area, you have to try this location out.
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