An English Post? What is this madness?

Holy folks.

I apologize for the long time that it too for me to put up an English post, or even another post in general, but hey, that is the way life works. However, I promise that, even if I fail to get an English post online for often, that there will be some sort of new content.

Anyways, this will be my English introduction. As you can see, my writings will be mostly in French, but I have plans to make this a fully bilingual blog, just not written by me most of the time, on the English side of things. I will still have some posts, but I will concentrate on writing in French, and leave the English to other members of my team. Speaking of which, If anyone is interested in helping out with this blog, please get in contact with me via Twitter ( either at my English twitter for this blog @jsexauer716P_E, or at my personal account @applepie716) or send me an email at


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